Dear Marin Futsal Coaches, Players, Parents, and Staff:
We want to extend a sincere thank you to our Marin Futsal Community for following the COVID Guidelines that were put into effect at the beginning of the 2022 Marin Futsal Winter League season.
We have an update to the COVID Guidelines, based on the information we have received from the Marin County Public Health Department. These guidelines will take affect at the upcoming games this weekend (February 4-6, 2022) and moving forward.
Updated COVID Guidelines - Current and New Guidelines
1) Still in effect: All coaches, players, spectators, and staff must wear safety masks at our indoor events at all of our gyms/facilities. They are mandatory.
2) Still in effect: We ask that no food or drink be brought into the gym/facility(s) for a few more weeks and/or until further notice. This does not apply to water for our players and referee staff.
3) Marin County Public Health has eliminated the restriction on the number of spectators at youth sports events: family members, guardians, and/or friends attending the games.
4) Teams may now enter the gyms prior to their game time and not wait outside. (Note: Please be respectful of the game that will be currently in session.)
5) Proof of vaccination is only an issue for mega events, which is defined as 500 people in attendance at once, which does not apply to the Marin Futsal League.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me on 415- 847-4154.
Source: Marin County Public Health. Thank you to Marin CYO Basketball and Steve Farbstein, CYO Athletic Manager, and Saum Zargar, 2022 Marin Futsal Coach, for sharing the guidelines, which we adapted to fit our Futsal community. 2-2-22