Let's Be Safe!

COVID Guidelines for all 

Marin Futsal Coaches, Players, Parents, Referees, & Staff:

Please refer to the below document which addresses questions regarding solutions for safety practices and guidelines around Covid for the upcoming Marin Futsal 2022 Winter League season. 

 Covid Guidelines:

The main goal is to keep our children safe, while allowing them to play after a long hiatus.  Marin Futsal is following the latest guidelines from Marin HHS and Marin County of Education (MCOE) regarding Covid exposures and positive cases.  The following guidelines are a team effort created by CYO basketball, which we have adapted for our league.  Since CYO basketball and Futsal share the same indoor courts, the rules are the same.

The league will need your help along with coaches to make sure spectator guidelines are enforced.  The leagues does not have the manpower to have someone at the door of every gym to check on people entering.  It is up to our community to take these guidelines seriously to have a successful season.

Until further notice, this is how we will proceed:

  • Each athlete is allowed 2 parents/guardians in the facility during their game only.
  • Each coach will need to assign a parent from his team in charge of the parent list and only allow those on the list to enter the gym. We are unable to check proof of vaccination at the door, so the teams need to verify their own spectators.
  • The spectators for each team should do their best to distance themselves, and should sit either behind the bench or across from their team. Each gym is going to be a little different. It will be up to spectators to distance themselves.
  • If a family has childcare issues for a younger child, they may bring their child into the facility, but they must keep them close. We do not want these younger children running around the facility like in normal times.
  • There will be no playing on the courts during time outs and half time except for the players in the game.
  • All spectators must be masked, including Coaches, Players, Referees, Staff Personnel.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the gym for spectators. Please leave your coffee and drinks for prior arriving or after leaving the gym.  This also gives people no excuse on masking.
  • Any symptomatic parent/guardian should not attend a game. This includes Coaches, Players, Referees, and Staff.
  • If in doubt, do not attend.
  • Gym doors/windows will be open to improve ventilation. Expect gyms to be chilly.
  • Pennies for players will not be provided this season. Each team must either bring pennies or have each player bring a white t-shirt to change into or wear over their shirts when both teams show up in the same color.

Procedures for teams playing the next game and during play:

  • Weather permitting, if it is not a rainy day, teams should not enter the facility until the game before them has ended and exited the gym.  The teams who just finished their game need to gather their belongings and exit quickly and have team huddles outside.
  • If it is raining, players/teams must wait in their cars until the other team has exited the facility. Spectators need to wait in their cars until game time.
  • Only players may bring in water bottles. Please clean up your bench/seats and area. Recycle your plastic water bottles and dispose of any garbage in the trash cans.
  • All players must be masked on the bench/chairs and on the floor during their game. Players should not use their masks as chin warmers.  Players who pull down masks or have masks fall will be asked by the referee to pull masks up during dead ball situations.  Chronic abusers will be removed from the game.
  • All coaches, referees, spectators, and staff must be masked while they are in the facility. If a coach needs to shout instructions and lower their mask, the mask needs to be pulled back up immediately following instruction.

What to do for illness and reporting:

  • If a player, coach, parent/guardian has symptoms, they need to stay home.  If you are a player: contact your Coach.  If you are a Coach with symptoms: contact Marin Futsal and contact your parents, so that a parent coach can step up to lead the team.
  • If a player test positive, they need to stay home and report to the Coach and Marin Futsal at 415-847-4154. If a coach tests positive, they need to stay home and report it to Marin Futsal at 415-847-4154. Coach’s need to let their team know, so that a team parent can step up to lead the team.


We can do this!  We have outlined some simple, common sense guidelines.  Let’s all work together, and we can expect a fun, safe environment for everyone involved in the Marin Futsal 2022 Winter League.


Released January 11, 2022